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Startups Yippie!, iLost & Konnektid at Northside Festival Innovation Expo

Startups Yippie!, iLost & Konnektid at Northside Festival Innovation Expo June 11 & 12.

Thu, Jun 11 - Fri, Jun 12  2015

Northside Innovation Expo - New York Consulate Region

On June 11 and 12, Yippie!iLost and Konnektid will participate in the Dutch Innovation Showcase during the Northside Festival Innovation Expo in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. 

These three startups are part of the StartupDelta Bootcamp, a group of nine Dutch startups visiting New York to participate in a 4-day acceleration program. They will showcase their product at Northside Festival’s startup, tech and innovation-focused forum and expo. There, they will pitch their product at the Dutch Innovation Showcase together with 14 other Dutch tech and innovation companies.

About Yippie!

Yippie!– helps people make better buying decisions. Yippie! compares every product you see on your screen automatically. In addition, Yippie! allows each retailer to bid on your purchase in real-time. As a consumer, you’ll always have the best deal via Yippie! As a shop, you’ll be able to target your consumer with a personalised offer in real-time.

About Konnektid

Konnektidis a learning community that connects students and teachers. Find a local on demand tutor online to start learning new skills offline.

Konnektid is the first demand-driven peer-to-peer sharing platform in Europe where neighbors can easily share their skills and knowledge with one another. On you can learn anything from building WordPress websites to speaking a foreign language, or even how to cook Thai food by finding neighbors who can teach you for free.

Through the platform, you can send a message to your neighbors letting them know what you want to learn or need help with. It can be anything. If one of your neighbors has the skill you need, they can send you a message offering help and you then can set a time and place to meet. It’s as simple as that.

About iLost

iLost–  is the platform for lost and found products.

iLost was founded in 2012 and is the global solution for lost & found. Founder Hanneke Stegweg is an experienced loser who found the process of finding her camera when she lost it frustrating. With a background in logistics, she decided it was time for a central place for lost & found, online. No more hassle with customer service, connecting through and being driven from pillar to post. One simple solution with 24/7 availability. Anywhere in the world.

About Northside Innovation Expo

New York City’s technologists, hackers, thinkers and creators have emerged as the most exciting innovators in the world. The Northside Innovation Expo is the annual event that showcases the best of this community as it continues to grow and revolutionize society. Housed in an epic 50,000-square-foot tent in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park on Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12, the expo is part of the Northside Festival — a week-long discovery festival for innovation, music, film and art with over 100,000 attendees — and runs alongside the Northside Innovation Conference, featuring panel discussions, workshops, hackathons and VIP events led by industry influencers, tech gurus and startup superstars.

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