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Stef Kreymborg’s Exhibit at Skidmore College

Stef Kreymborg, Clothes Make the Man, 2018. Dryer lin, PVC plastic.

@ Photo Wm Jaeger

Thu, Mar 21 - Mon, Apr 22  2019

Skidmore College - New York Consulate Region

The Schick Art Gallery at Skidmore College is currently presenting “Hiroko Ote and Stef Kreymborg: Fiber Art from Japan and the Netherlands.” Skidmore Associate Professor Sang-Wook Lee, who teaches fiber arts, curated the show. Affected by phenomena as diverse as ridges in sand, flocks of birds, stacks of folded linen and traffic patterns, Dutch artist Stef Kreymborg often creates her work through extensive duplication of a single element, using rhythm, structure and order as guiding principles. Recently, her work has included an element of community participation. Her “Wailing Wall of Lonely Socks,” a monumental wall piece made up of thousands of single socks donated via public outreach, is on view, amongst other pieces. This exhibit ends on April 22nd.

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