Stijn Koole in Symposium at Boston Architectural College

31 December 1969 — 31 December 1969
Boston Architectural College, Boston, Massachusetts, Verenigde Staten Boston

January 13, 6 PM, Dutch landscape architect Stijn Koole participates in a symposium at the Boston Architectural College

“City Future”

The BAC’s School of Design Studies invites you to join them for “City Future” on Wednesday, January 13, at 6 pm in Cascieri Hall. This symposium is open to the public and aimed at Boston-area design professionals as well as the BAC’s distance education community who will be on campus. The symposium will focus on the important roles innovative spatial design, governmental policy and applied science will have in the creation of healthy and sustainable cities in the coming decades. 

About Stijn Koole

Stijn Koole

Stijn Koole is an experienced landscape architect with nine years of working experience at the firm Bosch Slabbers. Koole is working on a broad pallet of multi-scale design projects in the Netherlands and United States of America, of which several are water-related. He controls the complex matter of turning spatial problems into opportunities for (safe) housing, recreational purposes and gaining ecological and spatial qualities. Cooperating with architects, government officials (local, regional and national), developing companies and engineers is part of his daily work.