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Symbiosis VR-Experience at the Portland Art Museum

Thu, Nov 10 - Sun, Feb 12  2023

Multisensory VR installation Symbiosis by Dutch experience design collective Polymorf comes to the Portland Art Museum from November, 2022 to February, 2023. The installation allows participants to embody a post-human or even nonhuman reality: a symbiotic human-animal or human-technologic character. 

Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR
From 10 November, 2022 – 12 February, 2023.
More information and tickets here.

About Symbiosis’ Polymorf
Symbiosis is a performative, multiuser and multisensory VR installation in which the human body will be redesigned. It allows every participant to embody a post-human or even nonhuman reality: a completely symbiotic human-animal or human-technologic relationship. Dutch experience design collective POLYMORF investigates in a speculative way how a more symbiotic exchange of genetic, cultural and technological traits between people and other present or future living entities can increase or change the agency of all. How will such affect future coexistence, legal rights and relationships between humans and all other living entities on a physical, emotional and spiritual level?

One of the first fully sensory Extended Reality (XR) storytelling experiences—including individualized haptic suits, soft robotics, VR audio and visual, as well as taste and smell-based story elements—Symbiosis takes immersive storytelling to a whole new level.

Stills from Symbiosis

Watch a video about the project here

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