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Ted Noten at the Collective Design Fair

Ornamentum Gallery presents Ted Noten at the Collective Design Fair from May 13-17

Wed, May 13 - Sun, May 17  2015

Ornamentum Gallery

Ornamentum Gallery presents Ted’s House, a very special exhibition of new works by Dutch artist and designer Ted Noten, together with an exquisite selection of contemporary jewelry and objects. The exhibition runs from May 13-17 at the Collective Design fair 2015.

Within Ornamentum’s exhibition, Ted Noten creates a house as a portrait of himself as an artist and an environment to frame a selection of new works. The confines connote a domestic setting in old-world simpler times, while the chaos of a modern cityscape development adorns the wall. A metaphor for the “Tradition Meets Technology” approach of Noten, this space sets a stage for Noten’s exhibition of works including a new series of jewelry, several iconic acrylic bag sculptures, and for the first time ever, Noten lends his narrative to a furniture object, creating a very limited edition series table of clear acrylic with a place setting, jewelry items, cigarettes and various objects from Ted’s daily life cast within, adorned externally with the hand engraving of an old time London master.

About Atelier Ted Noten

ATN is a design studio founded in 2005 effort based around the concepts, processes, and aesthetics of Dutch artist and designer Ted Noten. The studio embraces a contemporary form and material language that invites its audience to question the ideals of art and design, and to embrace a contemporary creative community. Atelier Ted Noten maintains a keen interest in developing materials, a disciplined ability to discover new working methods, and a versatile conceptual framework that has the ability to quickly acquire current information.

Atelier Ted Noten believes that there is a need for people to be activated and excited by art and design on a visceral scale. ATN was founded on the idea that in order to take on big projects with success, a skilled hardworking team is necessary. High concept is balanced with working class sensibilities to embrace a wide audience and avoid pretentiousness. ATN is a studio with high standards, standards established and developed in direct relation to the progress and career of the artist Ted Noten

About Ornamentum Gallery

Founded in 2002, Ornamentum Gallery exhibits a dynamic collection of contemporary jewelry as well as related objects and artworks. Ornamentum hosts numerous exhibitions yearly in their recently expanded Hudson, NY exhibition space – one of the world’s largest gallery spaces dedicated specifically to contemporary jewelry – where featured designers display their work in conceptual installations.

Ornamentum is well established as a major force for introducing this exciting medium to new international audiences, working to help build many of the world’s most significant public and private collections of contemporary jewelry and playing a pivotal role in numerous acquisitions of important works by key museums.

Whether based in material experimentation, conceptual content or a combination of both, the work exhibited by Ornamentum must challenge conventions and be absolutely individual in content and form.


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