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Tejo Remy & Rene Veldhuizen at Industry Gallery

Starting January 25, 2018, the group exhibition “Global Perspectives” will be on view in Los Angeles, CA.

Thu, Jan 25 - Wed, Dec 31  1969

Starting January 25, 2018, the group exhibition “Global Perspectives” with Tejo Remy & Rene Veldhuizen will be on view at Industry Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. 

Art & Design is often an isolated industry, heavily determined by the location of the artist’s practice. Both viewer and creator struggle to draw inspiration from places never visited. Creating and exhibiting are now shifting to reflect the increasingly hyperconnected digital art world. To start off 2018, Industry gallery has curated selected works by several of our international artists to showcase what it means to create in a globalized context.

Works on display include The “Eclipse” lighting series by Geoffrey Mann [Edinburgh, Scotland]. Mann tracks flight patterns of months to create stunning light sculptures that float in the air Metal and mirror prints with overlain architectural graphics by Elena Manferdini [Los Angeles, California] Lenticular prints by Tobias Klein [Hong Kong] available full size and in miniature Stunning hand-woven carpets and benches by Tejo Remy & Rene Veenhuizen [Utrecht, Netherlands] “Melting” chairs made from non traditional materials, transformed into vibrant and comfortable seating by Tom Price [London, UK].

About Tejo Remy & Rene Veldhuizen

Tejo Remy works as a product, interior and public space designer together with Rene Veenhuizen in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Considering “everything as material,” Remy and Veenhuizen incorporate existing information, circumstances, or found goods into new situations, often bringing in more social contact or, telling the story of a particular place. They transform the familiar, yet the feeling remains.

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