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Textile Artist Farida Sedoc In Residence at Wyckoff House Museum

From August 12 until September 24, Dutch contemporary textile artist Farida Sedoc will be the Brooklyn-based Wyckoff House Museum’s first artist-in-residence.

Fri, Aug 12 - Sat, Sep 24  2016

From August 12 until September 24, Dutch contemporary textile artist Farida Sedoc will be the Brooklyn-based Wyckoff House Museum 

As the Wyckoff House Museum’s inaugural artist-in-residence, Amsterdam based Sedoc will turn the historic house’s 18th century formal parlor into a temporary art studio in August and September. The artist will host weekly open studio hours for the public and invite visitors to partake in her collaborative artistic process.

“Thread Lines” bridges heritage with contemporary culture, using art as a medium to explore our relationships with fabric, fibers, and textiles. In interrogating this relationship Farida will explore the historic means of textile production, trade and its role in the everyday lives of Dutch colonists through research, workshops and art making at the Wyckoff House Museum.

One of the project’s aims is to discover more about the role slavery played in New Netherland farms. “Thread Lines” hopes to inspire visitors and neighbors to explore their personal identity and shared cultural heritage through collaborative workshops and art making. 

Towards the end, Sedoc’s residency will culminate in a fashion collection and abstract textile works.


  • Aug 12, 2-6pm – Open Studio Hours
  • Aug 19, 2-6pm – Open Studio Hours
  • Aug 20, 11am-3pm – Family Day 
  • Aug 26, 2-6pm – Open Studio Hours
  • Sep 2, 2-6pm – Open Studio Hours
  • Sep 9, 2-6pm – Open Studio Hours
  • Sep 16, 2-6pm – Open Studio Hours
  • Sep 23, 2-6pm – Open Studio Hours
  • Sep 24, 5-7 pm – Exhibition and Reception

About Sarida Fedoc

Farida Sedoc is an Amsterdam based contemporary textile artist. Born in the Netherlands to Surinamese immigrants, Farida’s work blends traditional Surinamese fabric with contemporary street art and fashion. Growing up in Amsterdam in the 1990’s, Farida became fascinated by diverse subculture and fashion she witnessed on the city streets and in hip hop videos on MTV. Her work is closely connected to the ideology of street culture, where the city and the citizens meet, and identity is perpetually interrogated. For Farida, the street is the ultimate stage for self expression.

After studying textile & fashion at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in the Hague, Farida started her own textile studio, Hosselaer, where she uses silk screening, photography, graphic design, collage, printmaking, and fashion to create visual stories. Her work blurs the line between high art and wearable clothing, and has been exhibited at diverse venues including the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Appelsap festival, the Amsterdam Museum, and Amsterdam Fashion Week.

About the Wyckhoff House Museum 

The Wyckoff House & Association preserves, interprets, and operates New York City’s oldest building and it’s surrounding 1.5 acres of farmland. Through innovative educational and farm-based programs they bridge cultural and agricultural gaps in an underserved community by connecting their audience with enduring themes through history, including immigration, land stewardship, and food systems.

Their Artist-in-Residence Program is a unique opportunity for contemporary artists to consider and respond to the history of early New York through the narrative of the Wyckoff House.

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