The Morello Twins perform at Northside Festival’s International Showcase DJ Afterparty

The Morello Twins will perform at Northside Festival‘s International Showcase DJ Afterparty at Cameo, June 12. The event is free and open to the public.


About the Morello Twins

The Morello Twins are Remco and Ivo Lemmerlijn, twin brothers and DJs from the Netherlands, honing their skills in European clubs, besides pursuing their college degrees from the Fontys Aacdemy for Creative Industries. It’s the magic from these young deejays/producers that is the future sound of Electronic (Dance) Music. With performances from Amsterdam to München and from Marmaris to Chersonissos, the Morello Twins are rising to fame quickly. With lots of original releases and collaborations coming up, its undeniable that the sky is the limit.

One of their remixes got noticed and was broadcasted at XITE-TV in Belgium, Germany and Holland using live club-footage of one of the Morello Twins performances. As a result their social media channels got an instant boost. The Twins have been asked for multiple EDM events and so far had gigs at The Villa Group, Castle of Love, Essential Festival, Fantasyland Festival, Sexed Up, Summer Open Air, Sonic Festival, Zo. Festival (WISH Events) and many more.