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The Museum of Graffiti in Miami hosts Mick La Rock for a residency and solo exhibition

@ Museum of Graffiti

Sat, May 18 - Sun, Jun 30  2024

The Museum of Graffiti in Miami is thrilled to announce the opening of Beyond Measure, a groundbreaking solo exhibition by Mick La Rock, the trailblazing female graffiti artist hailing from Amsterdam. Set to launch on May 18, 2024, the exhibition will remain on view until August 18, 2024. The exhibition is curated by Alan Ket, and will feature an array of new works that highlight Mick La Rock’s dynamic style and innovative use of color and form.

Beyond Measure opens its doors to the public on May 18th, 7:00-10:00 PM, inviting art enthusiasts, graffiti aficionados, and cultural connoisseurs to experience the transformative power of Mick La Rock’s artistry. The exhibition promises to be a testament to the enduring legacy of a true icon in the world of street art. Guests will have the opportunity to meet Mick La Rock in person. Reserve your ticket here via Eventbrite.

Beyond Measure explores the evolution of urban art through Mick La Rock’s unique lens, presenting a collection that bridges her renowned graffiti techniques with contemporary visual narratives. The exhibition includes major new artworks, ranging from large-scale murals to intricate canvases, each embodying the spirit and energy of street art culture.

Mick La Rock, known for her contributions to the graffiti scene since the late 1980s, continues to push the boundaries of street art. “This exhibition is a reflection of my journey through the vibrant worlds of graffiti and street art, and a homage to the cultures that have shaped my career,” says Mick. Beyond Measure invites audiences to delve into a visually captivating narrative that celebrates resilience and transformation.

Mick La Rock, whose real name is Aileen Middel, first made waves in the graffiti world in the 1980s, defying gender norms and breaking barriers as one of the few prominent female artists in a male-dominated sphere. Her fearless approach to street art and unwavering commitment to self-expression earned her international recognition and cemented her status as a true pioneer. Beyond Measure offers a glimpse into Mick La Rock’s current focus as an artist, highlighting her departure from traditional graffiti styles to her current exploration of geometric forms and patterns. Through a curated selection of vibrant murals, canvases, and installations, the exhibition showcases Mick La Rock’s mastery of color, shape, and composition, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her dynamic visual universe.

“At its core, Beyond Measure is an ode to the boundless possibilities of art and the enduring spirit of creativity,” says Mick La Rock. “It’s about pushing the boundaries, challenging conventions, and leaving a lasting impression on the world around us.”

The Museum of Graffiti is honored to host Mick La Rock’s solo exhibition, recognizing her as a visionary artist whose impact extends far beyond the streets of Amsterdam. “Mick La Rock’s contributions to the graffiti scene are immeasurable,” says Alan Ket, the museum’s co-founder and curator. “Her fearless innovation and unwavering dedication to her craft continue to inspire generations of artists around the globe.”

Beyond Measure is proudly presented by Rip It Energy Fuel with additional funding through a grant from the Netherland-America Foundation and is supported as part of the Dutch Culture USA program by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York.

About the artist

Mick La Rock, also known as Aileen Middel (Groningen, 1970), is a pioneering graffiti artist hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands. With a career spanning over four decades, Mick La Rock has established herself as a trailblazer in the global graffiti scene, challenging conventions and redefining the boundaries of street art. Her work is celebrated for its bold colors, intricate designs, and fearless expression of creativity. Through her art, Mick La Rock continues to inspire and empower artists around the world.

Inspired by the traditional ‘New York School’ graffiti lettering style, she started writing her name MICKEY in 1983. Conquering The Netherlands in the 80’s, she extended her playground internationally in the 90’s and 2000’s.

Established graffiti artists such as Quik, Blade, Lady Pink, Iz The Wiz, Sar, Dondi, Futura, Lee Quiñones, invited her to come to New York after they met at the exhibition ‘Coming from The Subway’ at the Groninger Museum in 1992. During the 90’s – 00’s she worked and lived in both Amsterdam and New York, where she collaborated on big mural productions and became part of the New York graffiti scene.

After mastering the art and working together with many other internationally known graffiti artists, she started to look for new challenges. Intrigued by the question: “What does a letter do when it doesn’t have to be read anymore”, she alienates every element of her old graffiti name into abstraction, away from their original essence and composition. Her minimalistic two-dimensional and three-dimensional work show influences of brutalist mid 20st century architecture and early 20st century abstract art.

Mick La Rock graduated from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and took classes at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Fine Arts, Amsterdam. She is a member of the City Curatorial of the Municipality of Amsterdam (2019 – present). For the Amsterdam Museum she was the guest curator for the exhibition “Graffiti. New York meets The Dam” (2015). For the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam she painted “Au Bonheur Des Dames”, a collaborative mural with Polish artist Paulina Olowska (2013).

She featured in the graffiti art documentaries Bomb It (2006), Girl Power Movie (2015), The Rise of Graffiti Writing (2017). Her work has been published in retrospective graffiti books like Burning New York – James & Karla Murray (2002), Graffiti Woman – Nicholas Ganz (2006), Graffiti365 – Jay Adlin (2011), World Piecebook – S. Jenkins & D. Villorente (2011).

She is a proud member of graffiti crews a.o. The Fantastic Partners, The Master Blasters, Clowns From Hell, Always Out Dancing and All Female Crew.

About the Museum of Graffiti

Founded in Miami’s Wynwood District in 2019, the Museum of Graffiti is a leading contemporary art museum dedicated to sharing the power of expression, sparking wonder, and inspiring creativity for and about the graffiti art movement. At the Museum of Graffiti, visitors can explore the history of graffiti in an experiential setting with interactive exhibitions and unique shows. Through changing exhibitions and programs, the museum introduces visitors to the artists, paintings, photos, sculptures, works on paper, and designs that have captivated youth and adults for over fifty years, as well as the environment in which the global art movement was formed. For more information, please visit and follow the brand on social media at @museumofgraffiti.

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