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The Water Arch at SXSW 2023

The Water Arch, courtesy of Dropstuff Media

Fri, Mar 10 - Sun, Mar 19  2023

SXSW - Miami Consulate Region

Dropstuff Media presents “The Water Arch” at SXSW 2023, an immersive installation that brings the ever-increasing use of clean drinking water to the attention of a wider audience in a playful way. The project can be seen at the Austin Convention Center.

More information about the project and badges here.

About The Water Arch

The installation is an abstraction of a classic barrel organ. By turning a big wheel, water is pumped up, which collects through a whole water system in a large container above your head. At 134 liters that falls over you. (Over a large transparent dome) 134 liters is the amount that every Dutch person uses every day on average. In the USA this goes up to 82 gallons / 310 liters. The music is an adaptation of a recording of a famous barrel organ from the 1950s and 1960s from the archive of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

About Dropstuff Media

Dropstuff Media is a media arts collective from The Netherlands that creates immersive artworks and interactive experiences. They specialize in the development of media installations and exhibitions in public spaces, in inner cities, at festivals, for museums, cultural organizations and during various events. They have experience with the use of artificial intelligence, motion detection and virtual and augmented reality techniques in public experiences.

Courtesy of Dropstuff Media

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