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Torrance Art Museum Presents CO/LAB 4 With Rotterdam Artists

Sophie de Vos, It Was Never Meant To Be Black, from Time Is All I’ve Got, 2018

@ Courtesy of Assembled by Root

Sat, Mar 30 - Fri, May 17  2019

Torrance Art Museum - San Francisco Consulate Region

Torrance Art Museum presents CO/LAB 4, an international, collaborative project which presents eight artist-run galleries and collectives from Los Angeles partnering with eight artist-run spaces from Rotterdam. Sixteen organizations combine their ingenuity to design eight unique curatorial projects. The Dutch galleries who are involved with CO/LAB 4 are: Amber Solo GalleryAssembled by Root, De AanschouwDE PLAYERHET PLAFOND, MADLAB studio and RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio).

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