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Trend Seminars F/W 20-21 & S/S 21 with Li Edelkoort

Thu, Jun 27 - Thu, Jun 27  2019

Trend Union - Washington Embassy Region

On June 27th, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort will give two seminars “A/W 20-21 TRENDS BROWN AGE” and S/S 2021 “GREEN WAVE PREVIEW”.

Thursday, June 27, 2019
9:00 AM  11:00 AM
COLOUR: Autumn / Winter 2020 – 21

Brown is a lively tint composed of several others, therefore it is able to adapt and create dialogue with all the variations of colour this season; the presence of brown changes these other hues and can turn a whole wardrobe around, igniting new life in all surrounding colours. When opposed by black, grey or white tints tend to be sharp and in contrast yet the warmth of brown, camel and beige takes the edge off these same harmonies, making them cosy and comforting for the eye. The innate happiness obtained from the simplicity of brown – as in the sphere of a potato, the grace of a ceramic jug, the organic shape of a wooden plank or the silence of a linen canvas – is creates a sense of belonging and a sensation of being rooted, of feeling a deep connection with materials made by hand, made by man, made with respect for all. The hues of earth and minerals, pigments and roots, clay and sand, as well as natural dyes such as tea and onion, embed brown as with a universal value, recognizable by all, a rare common language of colour that is in favour of the planet, able to adapt and live a longer life than most other tints. Shades of brown exude quality and longevity and therefore incarnate the luxury colour range of the future.


Thursday, June 27, 2019
11:15 AM  12:45 PM
Edelkoort Inc (map)
COLOR & FASHION S/S 2021 Preview

Although green has been heralded as a trendy hue, able to express matters of ecology and sustainability, there is still a silent resistance against greens because many people feel it just doesn’t suit them. Beyond 2021, this is all set to change and green will become the backbone to all other colors, formulating fresh ranges for fashion, interiors and design. Associated with growing and grass, with leaves and springtime, the chlorophyll contained in green is the best source of natural energy, emotionally supporting us as we try to save our planet. Therefore the color has its very own positive dynamic, which can be harvested for our yarns, textiles and materials. Soon, green will reach out to consumers, overwhelming fabrics and overgrowing clothes, making clients look like chameleons in search of camouflage.

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