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Online Conference on Dutch Timber Framing

Lukas van Alen House

Wed, Apr 6 - Sat, Apr 9  2022

The Traditional Timber Frame Research Advisory Group (TTRAG) Conference will bring together experts from both sides of the Atlantic, who will gather and share their knowledge of Dutch timber framing systems and structures. 

The conference will be a great opportunity for Guild members and participants from around the world to expand their knowledge of Dutch timber framing and make connections with experts in Dutch architecture, culture, and heritage.

TTRAG welcomes speakers from the Netherlands, including Judith Toebast, a long-time member of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands who specializes in Dutch agricultural heritage. Ms. Toebast will discuss the differences and similarities between Dutch farms in the Netherlands and those in the United States. We also look forward to historian Marinus van Dintel, who works for Zeeland Heritage (Erfgoed Zeeland) and is currently studying different aspects of Dutch colonial architecture, as well as Jack Sobon, who will bring his experienced perspective in “New Netherlands Timber Joinery, a Carpenter’s View.” A small tip of the veil:  Toebast will talk about the differences and similarities between Dutch farms in the Netherlands and those in the United States and historian Marinus van Dintel, will talk about his research on the different aspects of Dutch colonial architecture.

This program is open to the public. The opening and closing sessions will be live; all other sessions are recorded and available for viewing at any time throughout the conference.

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Wednesday, April 6

  • Welcome – Eric S. Howard, Executive Director, Timber Framers Guild (LIVE)
  • Information about conference format – Ian Stewart, Conference Chair (LIVE)
  • Message from the Dutch Consulate
  • “Tussenbalken en Stijlen: Netherlandish Timberframing in the New and Old World, an Introduction” – Ian Stewart
  • “Carpenters and Timber Framing in New Netherland” – Jeroen van den Hurk
    “New World Dutch Carpentry” – Jack Sobon

Thursday, April 7

  • Tour 1
  • “Farms in the Netherlands vs. Dutch Barns in New Netherland” – Judith Toebast
  • “Conserving the 1721 Jean Hasbrouck House” – Rudy Christian
  • “Palatine Timber-Framed Houses of the Schoharie Valley” – Cindy Falk

Friday, April 8

  • Tour 2
  • “The Beatty-Cramer House and the Dutch Presence in Maryland”  – Joe Lubozynski
  • “Farm Structures and Houses in Zeeland and the Hudson Valley” – Marinus van Dintel
  • “The Restoration of a 1723 Dutch Grist Mill” – Jan Lewandoski
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