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Two Dutch filmmakers at the Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival

Still from I Am by Mirella Muroni

Sat, Nov 9 - Sat, Nov 9  2019

Various Locations

Imagine this Women’s International Film Festival (ITWIFF), unveiled its 2019 official lineup. This year’s festival includes a happy hour, screenings, screenplay competition, networking parties, and a Seed & Spark Pitch workshop. ITWIFF will take place from November 7–10th, 2019, at Firelight Studios, Alamo Drafthouse, and UnionDocs in Brooklyn, NY.  This year’s edition will include two movies by Dutch directors, I Am by Mirella Muroni and Meeting the Other Woman by Marieke Niestadt.

Mirella Muroni will attend the festival and participate in a Q&A.

I Am

I Am by Director Mirella Muroni will be screened on November 9th at Firelight Studio.
Director: Mirella Muroni
Writer: Mirella Muroni
Producer: Mirella Muroni
Key Cast: Joy Wielkens, Wieger Wobbe Windhorst, Helen Kamperveen
Year: 2018
Length: 15:45
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Venue: Firelight Studio
Date: 11/10/19

On her way home from a field hockey practice young student Viola (Vi) gets into a traffic accident with her bike. After getting up after the fall she goes to her boyfriend Kik for help. But Kik, who is at work as a night porter, behaves strangely. Then the rain begins to fall and that rain seems to hold a secret. Now Vi starts to asks herself: ‘Where are you?’.

Mirella Muroni will attend and participate in a Q&A.

Meeting the Other Woman

Meeting the Other Woman by Director Marieke Niestadt will be screened on November 9th at Alamodraft House Block at 10:30 am
Director: Marieke Niestadt
Writer: David Lambertson
Producer: Marieke Niestadt, Ellen Utrecht
Key Cast: Lotte Verbeek, Amy Motta
Year: 2019
Length: 13:40
Country: Netherlands/United States
Language: English
Venue: Alamo Drafthouse
Date: 11/9/19

More info on Meeting the Other Women can be found here.

Still from ‘Meeting the Other Woman’, courtesy of Marieke Niestadt.

About the ITWIFF

Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival (ITWIFF),  a Brooklyn-based women’s film festival for everyone that aims to celebrate and empower independent and aspiring womxn filmmakers from around the world. Imagine This goal is to support women by sharing their work with the public, promoting equal opportunities for women of color and the LGBTQ community, while encouraging professional development, and serving as a resource information network.

For the complete line up and additional information, visit their website here.

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