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Tymon de Laat mural for Bushwick Collective

Image courtesy of Tymon de Laat

Thu, May 25 - Wed, Jun 7  2023

Dutch artist Tymon de Laat will be visiting New York City for the first time, as he has been invited to paint a mural during the well known Bushwick Street Art Festival which will take place in Brooklyn June 1-3, 2023. Tymon will start his painting session the week before, from May 25 onwards. Everyone is welcome to visit him at his wall. Updates about the location will be featured on his instagram page.

About the artist

Tymon de Laat started his career in his own city, Rotterdam, which represents an essential inspiration for his work. Nonetheless, his murals are also inspired by his deep love and appreciation for indigenous cultures and Latin America, particularly Mexico. The line work and colour palette he applies in his portraits are a means of bringing his work beyond representation towards emotion, translating his memories to visual imagery with the aim of turning the anonymous people met during his trips into heroes of everyday life and the symbol of the wealth of multiculturalism.

Tymon has obtained global recognition for his art: one of his murals painted in the Dutch Island of Bonaire was voted by the international public art platform “Street art cities” as one of the top three murals in the world. Amongst his several international commitments, he had the honour of painting for the Dutch Embassy of Jordan, where one of his works was projected on the legendary archaeological site of Petra. Furthermore, last year he got featured in the prestigious French magazine Graffiti Art Magazine as a recommended artist.

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