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Valentin Loellmann’s First NYC Solo Exhibit Opens at Twenty First Gallery

Valentin Loellmann

@ credits Jonas Loellmann

Fri, May 31 - Fri, Jul 19  2019

TWENTY FIRST GALLERY - New York Consulate Region

Twenty First Gallery, in collaboration with Parisian based gallery, Galerie Gosserez, is pleased to present the first NYC solo exhibition of artist and designer Valentin Loellmann. The German-born but Netherlands based artist is renowned for his meticulous construction of material, texture and shapes, resulting in dream-like furnishings that perfectly blend form, feeling and function. The exhibition also marks the first time Valentin Loellmann will travel to New York City to introduce a selection of his expressive pieces ranging over several collections.

Highlights of the exhibit include Valentin Loellmann’s Steps 1×12 , a sculptural staircase of mirror polished stainless steel and crotch walnut; Blue Brass , a stunning coffee table in resin and massive brass; Brass bench in walnut and massive brass; Copper sideboard in charred wood and patinated copper; and Steps 2/6 in copper and charred walnut. Valentin Loellmann likes to think of his work as rhizomatic in the sense that it bursts from an underground net of lines until it creates a shape. These shapes are constantly evolving into new works so that he never knows exactly what they are going to be. Also on display, Valentin Loellmann’s newest creations, most of which were inspired in the past three years after establishing his new studio/workshop space in Maastricht, Netherlands. As form mostly comes with function nowadays, most of his pieces are categorized as furniture design. As for the new works, they tend to stray away from the typical form of furniture: still functional but can also stand alone as sculptural creations.

About Twenty First Gallery

Twenty First Gallery is a stand out space among TriBeCa’s growing design destination. Created for the design enthusiast who seeks limited collections and made-to-order pieces, Twenty First Gallery offers an ever-changing display of art and furnishings exclusively created by European artists. Founded by esteemed collector Renaud Vuaillat in 2006 in the Chelsea art district of Manhattan, the gallery relocated in 2018 to an inviting 2500-square-foot space with hardwood floors laid out in a classic style open loft design at 76 Franklin Street. Here, Vuaillat hones his passion for discovering talent, sourcing treasures and engaging with an extensive, exclusive and global clientele, many of whom were among his first acquaintances during his tenure at the Carré Rive Gauche Gallery in Paris.


About Valentin Loellmann

Sensitive and driven by great curiosity, Valentin Loellmann observes his environment minutely and retranscribes his emotions through the objects that he creates. Between design and sculpture, Loellmann creates hand-made objects out of wood, his favorite material, relentlessly enhancing its warmth with copper, brass and steel for a surprising and original aesthetical approach.

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