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Various Dutch artists in group exhibition “Discourse: art across generations and continents” at Browngrotta Arts

Marian Bijlenga, Sampler Scattered, 2023

@ Browngrotta Arts. Photo by Tom Grotta

Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 12  2024

Exhibition assembles an eclectic group of artworks that celebrate artists from different countries, who work with varied materials, and represent distinct artistic approaches.

Browngrotta Arts will present In Discourse: art across generations and continents, an eclectic group of artworks that celebrates artists from different countries, who work with varied materials, and represent distinct artistic approaches. Discourse will feature dozens of contemporary art textiles and fiber sculptures. More than 50 artists from 20 countries will be featured, including Marian Bijlenga, Esmé Hofman, Marianne Kemp, and Anneke Klein from the Netherlands. Included will be works from fiber art’s origins 60 years ago, current mixed media works and sculpture, and pieces created in the decades between — spurring a dialogue across generations and across continents.

Artists list (in formation)

Margareta Ahlstedt-Willandt (Finland), Adela Akers (Spain/United States), Neda Al-Hilali (Czechoslovakia), Jane Balsgaard (Denmark), Caroline Bartlett (United Kingdom), Polly Barton (United States), James Bassler (United States), Nancy Moore Bess (United States), Marian Bijlenga (the Netherlands), Birgit Birkkjær (Denmark), Yvonne Pacanovsky Bobrowicz (United States), Zofia Butrymowicz (Poland), Pat Campbell (United States), Lia Cook (United States), Neha Puri Dhir (India), Shoko Fukuda (Japan), Norie Hatekayama (Japan), Esmé Hofman (the Netherlands), Mary Giles (United States), Susie Gillespie (United Kingdom), Stéphanie Jacques (Belgium), Tim Johnson (United Kingdom), Christine Joy (United States), Marianne Kemp (the Netherlands), Anneke Klein (the Netherlands), Naomi Kobayashi (Japan), Nancy Koenigsberg (United States), Irina Kolesnikova (Russia/Germany), Gyöngy Laky (United States), Sue Lawty ( United Kingdom), Federica Luzzi (Italy), Aby Mackie (Spain), Rachel Max (United Kingdom), John McQueen (United States), Mary Merkel-Hess (United States), Norma Minkowitz (United States), Laura Foster Nicholson (United States), Baiba Osite (Latvia), Gudrun Pagter (Denmark), Hiroko Sato-Pijanowski (Japan/United States), Eduardo Portillo and Mariá Eugenía Dávila (Venezuela), Mia Olsson (Sweden), Michael Radyk (United States), Lija Rage (Latvia), Ed Rossbach (United States), Mariette Rousseau-Vermette (Canada), Heidrun Schimmel (Germany), Warren Seelig (United States), Hisako Sekijima (Japan), Kay Sekimachi (United States), Naoko Serino (Japan), Carol Sutton-Shaw (United States), Jin-Sook So (Korea/Sweden), Polly Adams Sutton (United States), Noriko Takamiya (Japan), Blair Tate (United States), Eva Vargö (Sweden), Wendy Wahl (United States), Gizella Warburton (United Kingdom), Mika Watanabe (United States).

A full-color catalog, browngrotta arts’ 59th, Discourse: art across generations and continents, will be published by the gallery in May. Essay: Erika Diamond.

Gallery Dates/Hours

  • Saturday, May 4th: 11am to 6pm [Opening & Artist Reception]
  • Sunday, May 5th: 11am to 6pm (40 visitors/ hour)
  • Monday, May 6th through Saturday, May 11th: 10am to 5pm (40 visitors/ hour)
  • Sunday, May 12th: 11am to 6pm [Final Day] (40 visitors/ hour)

LINK reservations strongly encouraged. No narrow heels please (barn floors)

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