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Various Dutch photography shows at Photoville 2014, Brooklyn, NYC

Photoville 2014 presents six containers with Dutch photography exhibitions from September 18-28, including shows by FotoFestival Naarden, International Photo Festival Leiden, Heijdens Karwei, Corine Vermeulen, Teun Voeten, and “Alive,” a group show curated by Aloys Ginjaar & Astrid Verhoef, and an outdoor exhibition by NOOR Agency photographers

Thu, Sep 18 - Sun, Sep 28  2014


Photoville 2014 presents six container exhibitions with Dutch photography from September 18-28, including the following presentations: “Alive”, curated by Aloys Ginjaar and Astrid Verhoef, “The Beauty of the Photo Book,” curated by HeijdensKarweij, “Living with Mies,” a solo exhibition by Corine Vermeulen, “Lost in Transition,” a group exhibition curated by Feiko Koster and Eduard Planting of FotoFestival Naarden, “New Photography,” a group exhibition curated by Marieke van der Krabben, Hans Gillis & Pierre Luiten of the International Photo Festival Leiden, and “Tunnel People,” a solo exhibition by Teun Voeten.


Aloys Ginjaar and Astrid Verhoef present the group exhibition “Alive,” featuring Rogier Alleblas, Sacha de Boer, Hester den Boer, Jenny Boot, Jolande des Bouvrie, Oski Collado, Annelies Damen, Peter Day, Ton Dirven, Flip Franssen, Gert Jan van Geerenstein, Aloys Ginjaar, Julia Gunther, Amerens Hedwich, Judith Heinsohn, Harold van de Kamp, Mariska Karto, Peter de Krom, Tom Meerman, Maartje Roos, Sanne Thunnissen, Romy Treebush, Inge Trienekens, Dimitri Valentijn, Baukje Venema, Astrid Verhoef, Helene Wiesenhaan, Yvonne Witte.

This exhibition was conceived in light of universal emotions and experiences. In search of the intrinsic value of life itself that give us strength through beauty, humor, hope and imagination. Values that feed our human consciousness and help us to overcome the trials and tribulations that we encounter in life. ALIVE! shows both artistic contemplations and human relationships in connection to society in different cultures and stages of life.

With the exhibition the curators invite the viewer to a journey inward as well as outward. Two directions, both equally important to experience life to its fullest extent.

Aloys Ginjaar (1946, Amsterdam) has worked for many years as a photographer, journalist and curator. His work was part of World Press Photo 1973, 1975 & 1977 and since 2000 he’s been organizing the monthly Photographers Evening in Amsterdam. Ginjaar has curated Dutch exhibitions for the New York Photofestival 2011 (Dutch Delight), Photoville 2012 (The Wonder of Woman) & Photoville 2013 (Keep on Dreaming). He’s been awarded with the Golden Age Award 2013 for his activities for the Dutch Photographic community.

Astrid Verhoef (1973, Amsterdam) works as an artist/photographer based in Amsterdam and has been producing exhbitions since 2011. Her work has been part of the IJFFF Photo- & Filmfestival 2012, Photoville 2012 & 2013, The (Super)Heroes exhibition at the Manhattan Bridge. In 2013 she was chosen by GUP Magazine as one of the “New Dutch Photo Talents”. Astrid was runner up at “Resolution 2014” , this years First exhibition of the New York Photo Festival.

Aloys Ginjaar and Astrid Verhoef have been working together since 2011. They strive to create an international platform for Dutch Photography and do so by organising Group-exhibitions abroad as well as in The Netherlands. Exhibitions they have so far realised has been shown in New York, Amsterdam and Tokyo. Currently they are planning another exhibition in Japan and next year they’ll organize an exhibtion of Japanese photography in Amsterdam.


HeijdensKarwei presents “The Beauty of the Photobook.” Although we live in a digital age there is more attention for the paper photo book then ever before. Since the invention of the camera phone we started to use photography as a visual language, a language that has no boundaries. On the net we are constantly in contact with the rest of the world. We still have to get used to this ‘brave new world’. The paper photo book represents solidity, something we can literarily hold on to. It is trustworthy and has the aura of the original. The photo book is a visual novel. With this in mind graphic design agency Heijdens Karwei designs their photography books.

Heijdens Karwei is a graphic design agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The agency is specialized in designing photo books. Heijdens Karwei is the design couple Sandra van der Doelen and Teun van der Heijden. End of the nineties they started to work for the World Press Photo foundation and because of that developed a passionate interest for photography that eventually led to book design.


Photoville presents the solo exhibition “Living with Mies” by Corine Vermeulen, a series of portraits of residents in their living rooms in the Lafayette Park neighborhood of downtown Detroit, home to the largest collection of Mies van der Rohe-designed buildings in the world. This affordable middle-class residential area is one of Detroit’s most racially integrated and economically stable neighborhoods, although it is surrounded by evidence of a city in financial distress. These photographs were made in collaboration with the group Placement, and published in their book ‘Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies’ (Metropolis Books: 2012).

Rather than focusing on the starck interior spaces and austere exteriors that one might expect to see in photographs of iconic modernist architecture, these portraits seek to show the organic and idiosyncratic ways that people live in Lafayette Park.

The neighborhood has not received the level of international attention that other similar projects by Mies have. This may be due in part to its location in Detroit, a city whose most positive qualities are often overlooked in the media. While there are many images of abandoned buildings in Detroit or about the city’s prosperous past, these photographs are of people living in a remarkable part of the city as it exists today.

Corine Vermeulen is a Dutch artist who set up her studio practice in Detroit in 2006. Her projects include: Your Town Tomorrow (2007-2012) which documents Detroit’s shifting social and geographic ecologies, and Obscura Primavera (2009-2014) which explores present-day conditions in the city of Medellin, Colombia. Her photographs have been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Volume, Kaleidoscope magazine, Abitare and De:Bug. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree in photography from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, and was amongst the first group of artists to be awarded the Kresge Artist Fellowship in 2009. Corine is currently working on her first museum solo exhibition Photographs from the Walk-In Portrait Studio (2009-2014) to open in November 2014 at the Detroit Institute of Arts.


FotoFestival Naarden and curators Feiko Koster & Eduard Planting present “Lost in Transition,” featuring Claire Felicie, Eddy van Wessel, Ferry Verheij, Marieke ten Wolde, Robert Knoth, Wouter Stelwagen, Willem Wernsen & Xiaoxiao Xu.

As we speak the ongoing development of technology, the freedom of religion and the need for energy, changes our world at a rapid rate . Lots of countries, communities and people don’t keep pace with this development and struggle with good intentions and choosing between two bad options. They are lost in transition.

All the photographers in this exposition are from Dutch professionals, making a living from photography and traveling the globe to show us how things can go wrong ( or right ) and how people can get lost in this transition.

FotoFestival Naarden is the oldest photographic festival in the Netherlands. In the fortified (medieval) town of Naarden, its shows every two years Dutch contemporary and documentary photography.

FotoFestival Naarden tells the stories of many Dutch photographers. They travel the world or work from a studio, they amaze us and keep us interested in the world surrounding us.


The International Photo Festival Leiden presents 20 European photographers in “New Photographers,” curated by Marieke van der Krabben, Hans Gillis & Pierre Luiten. Every year the Leiden International Photo Festival offers a stage to new photo talented people. Such a festival is unique for the Netherlands and Europe. Photographers that graduate from a photo academy or school within the past 5 years can submit a maximum of 4 photos. An independent Jury consisting of Wim van Sinderen (Chairman), Maartje van den Heuvel, Rein Deslé, Jean-Jacques Almanza, Monique Beijaert and Christiane Kuhlmann will select work by 20 photographers, who will be on show at Photoville 2014.

Following the successful launch of the Photo Festival Leiden in 2013, the second, International, edition will take place in the autumn of 2014. This years’ theme is ‘New Photographers’. The International Photo Festival Leiden aims at providing a platform for young talented, professional photographers, by giving them a chance to expose themselves to a broader audience.

The city of Leiden, key to discovery, already features several art festivals discovering new talent, including the Leids Cabaret Festival, the Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) and Beelden in Leiden, an outdoor statue festival. Until 2013 Leiden did not have a professional photo festival. Therefore, the Photo Festival Leiden was brought about, organised by Foundation for Talented Photographers.

The photographs, submitted by contestants of art academies from around the world will be judged by an international jury. 20 photographers will be selected and of those, one overall winner will be chosen, who will receive an amount of €1.000 to be spent on the development of his or her photographic career.

The photos of the selected 20 photographers will be exhibited at eye-catching columns at squares in the Leiden city centre, thus creating a Wall of fame unparalleled to other photo festivals in the Netherlands or even in Europe.

Furthermore, all 20 selected contestants get the chance to show their photographs in shops, art galleries and restaurants throughout Leiden, and via an Urban Screen also in several cities. Finally, the exhibited photographs will also be published in the festival guide.


Photoville presents the solo exhibition “Tunnel People” by Teun Voeten. At the end of the millennium, thousands of homeless people roamed the streets of Manhattan. A small group of them went underground. Invisible to society, they managed to start a new life in the tunnel systems of the city.

Acclaimed war photographer and cultural anthropologist Teun Voeten gained unprecedented access to this netherworld. For five months in 1994 and 1995 he lived, slept and worked in a community of homeless in the Amtrak tunnel under Riverside Park.

The tunnel people were evicted in 1996, but Amtrak and homeless organizations offered them alternative housing.

Some succeeded in starting again above ground, while others failed. Voeten published Tunnel People originally in Amsterdam, 1996. For the updated US version that appeared in 2010, he managed to track down the original tunnel dwellers and described what happened in the thirteen years since they left the tunnels.

In Tunnel People, we get to know Vietnam veterans, macro-biotic hippies, crack addicts, Cuban refugees, convicted killers, computer programmers, philosophical recluses and criminal runaways. Tunnel People, both the book with its wealth of ethnographic details and the photo documentary with strong yet elegant and telling images has become a classic testimony of homeless life in the 1990s.

Teun Voeten studied Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy in the Netherlands. He is an award winning journalist and photographer who covered the conflicts in Bosnia, Colombia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Honduras, DR Congo, North Korea, Mexico, Libya and Syria. His work has been published in Vanity Fair, Newsweek, The New Yorker and National Geographic. He also works for organizations as the ICRC, UNHCR, Doctors without Borders and Human Rights Watch.

In 1996, he published ‘Tunnel People’, an account of an underground homeless community in New York. His first photo book ‘A Ticket To’ came out in 1999. ‘How de Body? Hope and Horror in Sierra Leone’, was published in 2000 and describes a journey which nearly ended in disaster when Voeten was hunted down by childsoldiers intent on killing him.

Voeten also makes videos, and contributed to the documentary ‘Restrepo’. As a curator, he organized in 2011 the exhibition “Generation 9/11. Ten Years War Photography.” . Between 2009 and 2012, Voeten covered the drug war in Mexico and published ‘Narco Estado. Drug Violence in Mexico.’ Currently, he is working on a PhD dissertation on extreme violence in warfare. Voeten lectures often at cultural and educational institutions.


Photoville, with Noor Agency, present the outdoor exhibition “Za’atari,” curated by Nina Berman & Sam Barzilay, and featuring work by Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Alixandra Fazzina, and Stanley Greene.

The Syrian war has created an unprecedented refugee crisis with millions of Syrians displaced. More than 100,000 of them live on a barren stretch of dirt in northern Jordan at the Zaatari refugee camp, now the second largest refugee camp in the world. Four photographers from the NOOR agency documented daily life in the camp. More than 100 of these images were blown up as large as 9 feet wide and were pasted on nearly 200 meters of the barbed wire concrete security wall which surrounds the entrance to the camp. In order to bring attention to the refugee crisis, some of the images from the Za’atari wall, will be reproduced at Photoville as outdoor prints on two large centrally placed containers.

Alixandra Fazzina (UK), focuses on under-reported conflicts and the often forgotten humanitarian consequences of war. She is the recipient of the Nansen Refugee Award and author of “A Million Shillings: Escape from Somalia.”

Stanley Greene (USA) has spent a lifetime bearing witness to the personal stories of war and destruction. He is the author of “Open Wound: Chechnya 1994-2003; Black Passport, and most recently “The Western Front.” He is a founding member of NOOR images.

Andrea Bruce (USA) has spent the last 10 years chronicling the world’s most troubled areas, focusing on Iraq and Afghanistan. She has received multiple honors including the first Chris Hondros award, and the Overseas Press Club John Faber award.

Nina Berman (USA) is a documentary photographer, author and educator whose work has been exhibited at over 100 international venues She is the author of Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq and Homeland. She is an associate professor at Columbiia University School of Journalism.

NOOR is photography/film collective with twelve members located around the world committed to documenting critical contemporary issues through individual and group projects.

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