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Ventura New York featuring the work of 17 Dutch designers at Wanted Design during NYCxDESIGN

Ventura New York – Featured the work of 17 designers from the Netherlands at Wanted Design during NYCxDESIGN, May 20-23 2017

Sat, May 20 - Tue, May 23  2017

Ventura Projects is about to cross the ocean for the second edition of Ventura New York – the Dutch edition. From May 20-23, 2017.

Seventeen of the brightest and most talented Dutch designers will share their vision on the theme Human Nature in a group exhibition at WantedDesign Manhattan during NYCXDESIGN 2017. Responding to today’s turbulent global landscape, the selected projects demonstrate how Dutch designers translate their intrinsic needs into tangible works that invite the audience to respond. Works that deal with exciting advancements in technology and natural processes are juxtaposed with poetic works on vulnerability and human habits. Human Nature will spark the imagination while showing extraordinary skill in concept and craft, as well as a level of quality that the world can expect from Dutch designers.

The Dutch designers: Aliki van der Kruijs, Alissa + Nienke, Creative Chef, Daniel van Dijck, Dimitri Kruithof, Dirk vander Kooij, Envisions, Floor Nijdeken, Frederike Top, Isaac Monte, Label/Breed, Nynke Koster, Renate Vos, Studio Jeroen Wand, Studio Martens & Visser, Studio Plott and Vij5

About the exhibition

Human Nature

In the exhibition Human Nature the selected designers use their typical Dutch working methods and artistry to communicate their hopes and fears in response to a rapidly changing world. The works demonstrate a wish to interact, to connect and to grasp time. Through the crafting hands of the designer a moment of mutual recognition is created — products, materials and technologies are deployed to make a gesture of solidarity, ultimately revealing the designers’ human nature.

Manmade By Machine

Technology is embraced as a tool to advance our human language. An image says more than a thousand words, and technology helps designers to convey their thoughts on a completely new level. The natural and the manmade are fluently combined to achieve a new state of matter, letting the audience forget about the manufacturing method all together. Instead, the works withinManmade By Machine arouse wonder and curiosity.

With works by: Design Studio Martens & Visser, Envisions, Studio Plott and more

Studio Martens & Vissers – courtesy of the artist

Envisions – courtesy of the artist

Studio Plott – courtesy of the artist

New Nature

Nature, as we know it, is about to disappear. What will the future nature look like? Designers challenge natural processes to behave within human set boundaries and use actual natural phenomena as a tool to create a design. By experimenting with natural and manmade resources, unlikely new applications and combinations of materials are found. New Nature shows us how designers are eternally inspired by nature, even as the boundary between what is manmade and nature-made is fading.

With works by: Isaac Monté, Aliki van der Kruijs, Renate Vos and more

Isaac Monté – courtesy of the artist

Aliki van der Kruijs – courtesy of the artist

Renate Vos – courtesy of the artist

Extra Ordinary

By zooming in on everyday human rituals, experiences, objects and materials, the ordinary can be turned into something magical. A glittering installation playfully invites us to become aware of ourselves, our presence and our movement. Eccentric tableware reminds us about the processes that happen in our bodies when we eat. An everyday cheap material turns into the star of the show through clever craftsmanship. Extra Ordinary shows us the unique strength of the designer: seeing the spectacular in the mundane.

With works by: Alissa + Nienke, Daniel van Dijck and Jeroen Wand and more

Alissa + Nienke – courtesy of the artist

Daniel van Dijck – courtesy of the artist

Jeroen Wand – courtesy of the artist

Ventura Projects are curated exhibition areas that present the latest developments at the forefront of contemporary design. Each Ventura Project involves carefully selected exhibitions that also feature temporary initiatives, special projects and/or creative hospitality concepts. Whether as a design district or integrated exhibition, Ventura Projects stands out with its focus on content, creativity and experimentation.

Its dynamic curated format balances renowned designers with emerging talents, independent studios with established brands, design academies, galleries and institutions. Conceptual experiments are juxtaposed with professional presentations. In this way, visitors are challenged to view design from different perspectives, and participants are connected with others working beyond their own domain. In line with the widening scope of design, the event’s open approach gives participants flexibility to present their work in a way that best suits their practice.

ABOUT WantedDesign

WantedDesign is a platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the international creative community at large throughout the year. It’s two marquee events take place during May’s NYCxDESIGN in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Since its inception, Collective Design has been an active supporter of and participant in NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s official citywide celebration of design, which will run from May 3-24, 2017. Spanning all disciplines of design, NYCxDESIGN creates a collaborative platform for cultural and commercial opportunities, elevates established and emerging design practices and increases awareness of and appreciation for design by all audiences. Hosted in New York City, NYCxDESIGN brings together all the disciplines of design, commerce, culture, education, and entertainment with a full, varied program, including exhibitions, installations, trade shows, talks, launches and open studios. The program is overseen by NYCEDC together with a Steering Committee comprised of leaders and leading institutions across most design disciplines


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