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Vermeer’s ‘A Lady Writing’ at Chrysler Museum of Art

Through December 18, the Chrysler Museum of Art exhibits Vermeer’s ‘A Lady Writing’

Tue, Nov 1 - Sun, Dec 18  2016

Chrysler Museum of Art - Washington Embassy Region

The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia, exhibits the Johannes Vermeer masterpiece, ‘A Lady Writing’, on loan from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. until December 18. Vermeer’s works are as highly regarded as they are rare, as only 35 of his paintings survive to this day. An incredibly skilled craftsman held in high esteem by his fellow Dutch Golden Age painters in the city of Delft, his understanding of light and its color-related effects are revered to this day. After his death in 1675, he left behind 11 children and many debts. Since most of his paintings were sold to local collectors, his fame did not spread and his work was largely overlooked until the 19th century. Vermeer worked slowly, roughly three paintings per year, and used very expensive pigments, such as lapis lazuli, or natural ultramarine.

Johannes Vermeer, A Lady Writing, c. 1665

This painting, completed around 1665, is notable for its use of lead-tin-yellow pigment. It’s done in a style often seen in Vermeer’s work; an intimate interior scene with light coming from the left. Many of his paintings feature the same furnishings, as he did much of his painting in two rooms of his home. This work is one of three Vermeers owned by the National Gallery of Art. ‘A Lady Writing’ will be on view in Gallery 202 of the Dalis Foundation Galleries until December 18 with free admission. 

Special Vermeer Lecture by Arthur Wheelock, Jr. 

On November 20 (2-3 PM), top expert Arthur Wheelock, Jr. will explain and illuminate on ‘A Lady Writing’. The Curator of Northern Baroque Paintings at The National Gallery of Art, will guide visitors through the Old Master’s work in this Kaufman Theater lecture. Wheelock started working at the National Gallery of Art in 1973 after receiving his PhD from Harvard University. He has lectured widely on Dutch and Flemish Art, and has authored numerous books on painters such as Vermeer, Van Dyke, and Rembrandt. 

Courtesy of the Artist

About the Chrysler Museum of Art 

The Chrysler Museum of Art is one of America’s most distinguished mid-sized art museums, with a nationally recognized collection of more than 30,000 objects, including one of the great glass collections in America. The core of the Chrysler’s collection comes from Walter P. Chrysler, Jr., an avid art collector who donated thousands of objects from his private collection to the Museum. In the years since Chrysler’s death in 1988, the Museum has dramatically enhanced its collection and extended its ties with the Norfolk community. The Museum, expanded in 2014 to add additional gallery spaces and amenities for visitors, now has growing collections in many areas. The Chrysler also mounts an ambitious schedule of visiting exhibitions and educational programs and events each season.

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