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Walk of a Lifetime by ienke Kastelein at Art in Odd Places Festival INVISIBLE

Walk of a Lifetime. Picture by ienke Kastelein.

Fri, Oct 18 - Sat, Oct 19  2019

Ienke Kastelein’s “Walk of a Lifetime” will be part of Art in Odd Places Festival 2019: INVISIBLE.

Walk of a Lifetime is a participative slow walk along 14th Street, heading west. In this 63 minutes long walk ienke Kastelein will lead the group on a participatory walk as we contemplate life and time. The walk will perform silence and slowness as we share the invisibility of our inner experience through the visibility of our slow walking. Following the walk, the group will gather to share their thoughts on their experience. This walk holds 8 people.

Ienke Kastelein is an interdisciplinary artist based in Utrecht (NL). She interested in perception and the senses. In her walks participants join in a shared experience of body mind and place. She participated in AiOP FREE! (2014) and AiOP PLAY in Orlando (2016) and Made of Walking V Prespes (Gr) (2019).

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