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WeMakeVR brings | New Cinematic Virtual | Reality to New York

On February 13th WeMakeVR introduces a new cinematic virtual reality technique in New York.

Fri, Feb 13 - Fri, Feb 20  2015

On February 13th WeMakeVR introduces a new cinematic virtual reality technique in New York.

From February 13th until February 20th Amsterdam based startup WeMakeVR will introduce a new cinematic virtual reality technique that contributes to a better world. WeMakeVR founder Avinash Changa wants to bring people joy, help them learn, experience amazing new things, capture and relive fond memories.

Coming week the technology startup from The Netherlands will not only introduce their new product in New York, they will also do video shoots at the New York Fashion Week and several outdoor locations in the The Big Apple. They will also meet the NY Philharmonic.

In addition, the Dutch startup will soon launch an online platform that shares virtual reality content. On this new WeShareVR platform commercial as well as free virtual reality content will be shared. The goal is to democratize virtual reality and make it available for everybody.

About WeMakeVR  

WeMakeVR created a unique stereoscopic camera system and post-production workflow. This camera produces groundbreaking cinematic 3D virtual reality films and enables people to be with loved ones while they are on the other side of the world, to be at the front row of their favorite artist’s show, even though they have missed out on the tickets. WeMakeVR pushes the boundaries of virtual reality to bring people a new world. A world in which they can relive important experiences, make new memories, or do things that they never dreamt were possible.

Experience it yourself

Virtual Reality has to be experienced to be understood. You can talk about virtual reality and watch videos However, this does not convey what virtual reality really is. You have to experience it for yourself to truly get it. That is why WeMakeVR offers a demo for journalist and clients.

Contact or meet WeMakeVR in NY

WeMakeVR will be in New York from February 13-20. Founder Avinash Changa and its team are available for interviews and a virtual reality demo. You can contact Benjamin de Wit

For more information about WeMakeVR visit:

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