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Wendy van Boxtel solo exhibition at Art Works Inc.

@ Wendy van Boxtel, "Inner Beauty." Courtesy of the artist

Fri, Feb 23 - Sun, Apr 7  2024

Art Works Inc. - Washington Embassy Region

Art Works Inc. in Richmond,VA presents a solo exhibition by Wendy van Boxtel from February 23 until April 7, 2024.

Wendy van Boxtel loves playing with depth perception, using continuous patterns and lines alongside sculptural components that seem to emerge right out of the wall and evoke different emotions in different people. Combining painted optical illusions with sculptural elements, her art goes beyond traditional installations, physically and visually extending the boundaries of art. So be prepared to question what you see with your own eyes when engaging with Wendy van Boxtel’s art.

As a child in the Netherlands, besides drawing, she was fascinated by how the brain has “its own mind” and can be tricked, or better, seduced by the art of illusions. Looking for a fresh start and making some dreams come true, she took the difficult decision to leave family and friends behind and start the new millennium in the US. With a BA degree in Activity Counseling, she explored various aspects of art and worked as an art facilitator with children who have special needs, designed juvenile lighting, and worked as a graphic artist for several years.

With roots in two different countries, two different cultures, often makes Wendy feel like Alice in Wonderland. There is freedom, longing, and a constant search for balance between two worlds. This feeds the blazing fire of her creativity. The layers in her work often surprise her. Humor is the key to unlocking the emotions which hide in the shadows of the illusion of her art; empathy, compassion, and being yourself.

“Luctor et emergo is what we say in The Netherlands when we talk about the constant battle with the sea, meaning I struggle and emerge. Sometimes I wonder if that is a theme in my art but at other times, like Alice, I think, it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Today, Wendy lives in Richmond, VA, with her family of seven. She says, “…once they (her art) are out in this world, out in the open, I start to see what they mean to me. But then, someone else looks at them and a new meaning is born. Something, I think, is wonderful and inspires me to continue this artistic journey that brings me closer to unknown horizons and beyond.”

This exhibit will be in the Jane Sandelin Gallery.


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