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What’s Mine? Talks by Dutch author Bette Adriaanse

@ Image: Courtesy of Bette Adriaanse
@ Image: Courtesy of North Figueroa Bookshop

Wed, Aug 16 - Fri, Aug 25  2023

San Francisco Consulate Region

Dutch author Bette Adriaanse will provide talks and a workshop on her new novel What’s Mine, revolving around topics of property and sharing, and she is interested in the ways our sharing habits influence our societies and our characters. Read more here and here.

About the author

Amsterdam-born writer and artist Bette Adriaanse graduated from the Image & Language department at the Gerrit Rietveld Fine Art Academy in Amsterdam in 2008 and has received her Master in Creative Writing from Oxford University in 2010. She has published fiction in magazines for literature, art and philosophy and exhibits her artworks internationally. Her first novel Rus Like Everyone Else was published in the US and the UK in 2016. The novel appeared as Post Voor Rus Ordelman in the Netherlands. Her second novel, What’s Mine, will be published by Unnamed Press in August 2023. It will appear as Wat Van Mij Is in the Netherlands, with Uitgeverij Cossee. Bette combines image and language in her work. She writes in English and in Dutch. Bette is co-founder of the TRQSE Foundation, an international network for artists, scientists, people in media and business, who want to work together on projects with a social element. She is also the co-founder of the Heroines! Movement.


August 17 7 PM – Talk at North Figueroa Bookshop in Los Angeles, CA
August 22 7 PM – Talk at The Interval at Long Now Foundation in San Francisco, CA
August 25 7 PM – Workshop for Long Now Audience, at the Internet Archive at Long Now Foundation in San Francisco, CA

In San Francisco, author Bette Adriaanse talks with Chelsea T. Hicks, and virtual guests Brian Eno, Margaret Levi, and Aqui Thami, about property, sharing, and how to make a lasting positive change in the way we share the world with each other. Alternating between thinkers and doers whose approaches are helping to foster long term equality, this evening explores the choices that can be made to share time and resources with others in radical ways. The audience will be invited to share questions, suggestions and ideas via prompts which will be emailed before the talk. There will also be an action-oriented workshop following the talk on Friday 8/25 at the Internet Archive. This is a free workshop that the Long Now audience can choose to attend.

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