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Winka Dubbeldam lecture | for The Architectural League

Winka Dubbeldam lecture for The Architectural League at The Cooper Union, Great Hall

Thu, Oct 10 - Thu, Oct 10  2013

The Cooper Union - Great Hall - New York Consulate Region

Each year The Architectural League in its Current Work program presents the work of significant international figures who powerfully influence contemporary architectural practice and shape the future of the built environment. Winka Dubbeldam will present her work in a public lecture on Thursday, October 10, 7pm in the Great Hall of Cooper Union, to be followed by a conversation with moderator William Mac Donald.

Founded by Winka Dubbeldam in 1994, Archi-Tectonics  pursues elegance and innovation in the exploration of both form and sustainability in projects such as the folded glass structure of the 497 GW Project in New York. The firm’s international practice spans project types from residential design and commercial interiors to large-scale mixed-use towers—all exemplifying Dubbeldam’s abiding concern with “three fields of investigation: armature, surface, and interface.”

Recently completed projects include the Brewster Carriage House and the Vestry Building, both in Manhattan; the American Loft Tower, Philadelphia; a redesign of the ground floor of the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam; and residences in New York and Germany. In design or under construction are an orphanage and school in Liberia; the Xian Media Center in China; and the GHM hotel and condominiums in Philadelphia. Archi-Tectonics was recently awarded the commission for the Yulin Culture and Art Center, a multi-purpose cultural development in China, and is directing a collaborative crowd-sourced urban design for downtown Bogota.

Dubbeldam, a longtime faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, was recently appointed as the school’s Chair of the Department of Architecture. William Mac Donald is a director of KOL/MAC Architecture and Design and professor and chair of Graduate Architecture and Urban Design at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

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