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Wolflady US Premiere at Northside Festival

Dutch documentary ‘Wolflady’ will be screened at Northside Festival, June 8

Mon, Jun 8 - Mon, Jun 8  2015

Wythe Hotel - New York Consulate Region

On June 8, Dutch documentary ‘Wolflady‘, produced by Pieter van Huystee Film and directed by Daan Willekens, will premiere in the US at Northside Festival.

About Wolflady

A veteran of the music industry, musician Oscar Holleman is astounded upon hearing the voice of 21-year old singer Sharon Kovacs: “The new Amy Winehouse”. 
Kovacs, nicknamed The Wolf Lady, approaches Holleman, a music producer thirty years her senior, at the helm of international success bands such as Within Temptation and Krezip, and makes a pact with him. Their musical exploration takes them to Cuba, London, Hamburg, Berlin and New York. We are witness to Sharon’s demons, her urge to create and her craving for recognition. The documentary covers two very hectic years. Together the two of them go through ups and downs, pills and drugs, fighting and loving, with cigarettes and mental setbacks, yet always with an ever-lasting ‘all or nothing’ mentality, laying the foundation for Sharon’s musical self-fulfilment.

About Pieter van Huystee Film

In 1995 Pieter van Huystee started his own production company. Since then he has produced many film projects, most of them documentaries, but also feature and short films and single plays – with both renowned Dutch filmmakers like Johan van der Keuken, Heddy Honigmann and Peter Delpeut and young talented directors.

Many of its documentaries and features are screened at festivals all over the world and have been awarded many times.

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