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World Press Photo in Washington, DC

Meet Bob. Bob walks through the hallway, past the bathroom, back to his room. During rehabilitation, DVM Odette Doest found out that Bob had been habituated by humans and therefore could not be reintroduced back into the wild. So now he spends his time at her house, where he shares a room with his other avian rescue friends. © Jasper Doest

Sat, Nov 9 - Sun, Dec 8  2019

The World Press Photo exhibition comes to Washington, DC for its third year! The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage people to learn about, discuss, and engage with global currents events. We do this by organizing the annual World Press Photo Exhibition and bringing together Washington’s leading think-tanks, universities, embassies to tell the stories behind the photos. We are non-profit, non-partisan and welcome all points of view.

About the World Press Photo Foundation

The World Press Photo Foundation was founded in 1955 when a group of Dutch photographers organized an international contest to bring global exposure to their work. The contest grew out to be the world’s most renowned photography competition and enables access to the works of its participants to millions of people worldwide. As a creative, independent, nonprofit organization, the World Press Photo Foundation has become a global platform that connects professionals and audiences while encouraging diverse accounts of the world and presenting stories with different perspectives. Through visual journalism and storytelling, they exhibit their stories to a worldwide audience, all while educating the profession and the public on their creation, and moreover by encouraging debate on their meaning.


November 8, 2019
Opening reception including talks by Dutch nature photographer Jasper Doest and Babette Warendorf
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November 9, 2019
Photographer talk by Jasper Doest of National Geographic
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