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Wunderbaum performing at Fusebox Festival (Austin, TX)

On April 18, Wunderbaum will perform ‘Looking for Paul’ at the Fusebox Festival in Texas.

Fri, Apr 18 - Fri, Apr 18  2014

Rollins Theatre - Miami Consulate Region

On April 18, Wunderbaum will perform ‘Looking for Paul’ at the Fusebox Festival in Texas.

In 2010, Dutch theatre ensemble Wunderbaum had a residency at the California Insitute of the Arts. ‘Looking for Paul’ is an experimental piece in which reality and fiction are fused. The plot evolves around Inez van Dam, who is invited by Wunderbaum to their residency. Inez lives in Rotterdam straight opposite the so-called “Buttplug Gnome” by artist Paul McCarthy. She thinks this work of art is ruining her street and she wants to travel to Los Angeles to meet McCarthy and take revenge.

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Wunderbaum is a Dutch – Flemish theater group that makes theater about current issues, both on location and in the theater. Recurring themes include the study of subcultures and the tension between ideology and everyday reality. Usually Wunderbaum writes their own texts collectively based on their own research. Every now and then they prefer or give instructions to authors who will write a text for them. Wunderbaum played shows in homecountry The Netherlands and abroad, including the U.S., Iran, Scandinavia and Brazil. The group received the Mary Dresselhuysstraat Price and VSCD Prosceniumprijs for their entire oeuvre .

In 2013 Wunderbaum started a large-scale, four-year project called The New Forest. Through performances, seminars, an interactive online platform and collaboration with various social groups The New Forest offers space for alternative ideas for a future society.

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