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Zjef van Bezouw organizes ‘Kaleidoscope’ Pop Up Event

From March 1 until March 5, Zjef van Bezouw organizes ‘Kaleidoscope’, a pop-up event for OneMoreGallery

Wed, Mar 1 - Sun, Mar 5  2017

From March 1 until March 5, Zjef van Bezouw organizes ‘Kaleidoscope’ in collaboration with Patrick Cupid, a pop-up event for OneMoreGallery. It will be an optical and eclectic mix of contemporary artists showing works of “art that will burn onto your retina” to be experienced at onetwentyeight gallery. 


Participating artists will be Alex Durante, Ye Jianqing, X-Don, Domingo Carrasco, Alex Khomski. In addition, Zjef van Bezouw will be working on an art installation himself. He will turn the gallery into a giant Kaleidoscope, that will be visible from the street side. 

About Zjef van Bezouw

Zjef graduated from Art School, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, in 1992 with a degree in Theatre Design, focusing on set design, costume design and art direction. He finished his degree in 
Shoemaking and Shoe design in Den Bosch (NL) also that year. Instead of designing shoes as accessories in Fashion he did research into the cult of the shoe and it’s meaning in society creating more innovative and theatrical but wearable shoes. Zjef studied from 1994-1996 at DASARTS, earning a masters study in Theatre. He explored the key elements in Performance Art and created new images for Theatre and Galleries.

“I’m passionate about discovering new artists and showing their most riveting work – art that will “burn onto your retina”. At OneMoreGallery we are all about creating memorable interactions for our guests with these emerging contemporary artists”

About OneMoreGallery

OneMoreGallery is founded by Zjef van Bezouw, currently working and living in New York. Throughout his journey, Zjef found inspiration in discovering and creating excitement around emerging artists and showcasing their talents. Inspired by New York’s vibrant art scene, Zjef arrived in the US from his native Netherlands in 2011. Most recently as a partner in Gallery Brooklyn he uncovered new talent across a wide range of mediums. Today he brings this passion for emerging contemporary artists to OneMoreGallery.

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